Today we are so excited to introduce you to A Perfect Day!

APerfect Day, LLC was created with the vision of being able to offer every bride peace of mind through planning and organization. Their mission is to pass the knowledge and know-how that they’ve acquired over years of coordination & close relationships with vendors to all of their clients. They strongly believe in precision planning, and that there is no such thing as too much information. They also believe that you need to have fun and enjoy what you do. Planning & Coordination is their PASSION.

They, at A Perfect Day, enjoy being able to put their work ethic and values to use by helping others. They LOVE the wedding planning process from start to finish, and always make sure they understand the vision each couple has regarding their wedding day. To ensure a couple’s perfect day comes together, they fulfill their needs by recommending the right vendors & ideas accordingly.

They understand communication is key. Good communication can make you feel completely empowered, while poor communication can make you feel utterly lost. They take great pride in their “Correspondence Policy” of returning all calls, messages, and emails within 24 hours to ensure their clients peace of mind.


What item are you donating to Love Gives Hawaii this year? 

Timeline Development Package
Item Description: 
A Perfect Day will work with the client to create their own customized wedding day timeline. This includes 2 in person (or phone/Skype) meetings.
Item Value
Type of service you offer or product you make:
Wedding Planning & Coordination
What do you find clients always say they love about your business?
The peace of mind we provide.
Tell us a little bit more about you! How did you get started in the wedding industry and what do you love most about being in this industry? 
I started out helping friends and eventually people I never knew would ask for help. Eventually I had to create a company. I LOVE knowing we are helping!

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