Today we are so excited to introduce you to Aria Studios!

Aria Studios specializes in storytelling through wedding Cinema and Photography. They are passionate about their craft and care deeply about giving their clients, team (including extended wedding team), and everyone involved an amazing experience. They also have a non-profit foundation called The ARIA Children’s Fund focused on caring for children around the world.

Lastly, they are very unique in that they are one of few companies in Hawaii who shoot film and they love it! All packages are Film Hybrids (includes both Film and Digital photography).


What item are you donating to Love Gives Hawaii this year? 

8 hour film fusion photo + 8 hour cinema + same day edit
Item Description: 
Film Hybrid Photography
8 Hours Captured
500 Images Delivered
2 photographers
Online Gallery
Complete Cinema Package w/Same Day Edit
8 hours of coverage
2 cinematographers
Raw Footage
Item Value
photo: $5,000 + cinema $5,000 = $10,000
Type of service you offer or product you make:
Photography + Cinematography
What do you find clients always say they love about your business?
Potential clients are drawn to the product. Clients we worked with in the past will talk about the fun and personalized experience they get with our team (and the final product!).
Tell us a little bit more about you! How did you get started in the wedding industry and what do you love most about being in this industry? 
From a very young age, I was interested in telling stories that mattered and sharing them with anyone who would listen. Before starting ARIA Studios, I worked for a local TV station, KGMB9 News, as a reporter and producer. I loved the adrenaline of putting together stories quickly and the deadline of the evening news. But, it was difficult to dig deep and spend time thinking about what stories to tell and how to best tell that story. In 2008, my business partner, Jay, and I traveled to Thailand to work with an orphanage that rescues orphans and at-risk children, and I found my calling. To think of I could use video and photos to help raise awareness and save lives — innocent children’s lives — was life-changing. Shooting weddings came to me by chance but I fell in love with telling love stories. Today, I get to work with an awesome team, with the most awesome people in the wedding industry who truly care about their work and their clients. These industry friends have become like an extended family and they inspire me to be better. We’ve also expanded our foundation to include volunteers and crew solely focused on the foundation’s vision of helping children. I feel so blessed.

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