Today we are so excited to introduce you to Honolulu Cookie Company!

From the very beginning, their premium shortbread cookies have been produced using only the finest and freshest ingredients. The attention to detail is evident in each cookie with the use of natural Hawaiian, hand-placed with care flavors, including 100% Kona coffee, macadamia nuts, lilikoi, mango, and pineapple to add a true taste of the islands and create the perfect cookie. Their cookies are hand-dipped in premium Guittard white chocolate, milk chocolate, or decadent dark chocolate. Each cookie is individually wrapped to preserve its crisp, oven-baked freshness and delivered to their stores daily. Their trademarked pineapple shape evokes the essence of Hawaii, and the international symbol for hospitality.


What item are you donating to Love Gives Hawaii this year? 

$250 Gift Certificate
Item Value
Type of service you offer or product you make:
Premium Shortbread Cookies
What do you find clients always say they love about your business?
Customer service is excellent and of course our cookies are delicious!

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