9784814_origToday we are so excited to introduce you to Aloha SUP Club!

Aloha SUP Club loves sharing their love for the sport of stand up paddling, as it all started in Hawaii! The most important thing to them is to pass on the aloha spirit and make sure everyone has a great experience. They are happy when customers come back from paddling smiling!


What item are you donating to Love Gives Hawaii this year? 

5 stand up paddleboard rentals for 1 hour with delivery to Ala Moana Beach Park
Item Description: 
Quality Epoxy stand up paddle boards delivered to beach.
Item Value
Type of service you offer or product you make:
We are an online stand up paddleboard rental delivery service. WE deliver to Ala Moana BechPark, and for more advanced paddlers Moanlua Bay in Hawaii Kai.
What do you find clients always say they love about your business?
Clients say they love how easy it is with us, they email us, pay online , pick a day and time for delivery and the boards are delivered! They also love that it includes delivery , because a lot of tourists don’t want to strap a board on their rent a car or wheel it on wheels. We also enjoy passing on the the knowledge we have for sup and thast includes passing on the aloha spirit.
Tell us a little bit more about you! How did you get started in the wedding industry and what do you love most about being in this industry? 
My husband, Billy Loa is Hawaiian and naturally he is an outrigger canoe paddler. We saw the wave of this new sport of stand up paddling coming, so back ln 2009 we noticed nobody was offering sup rentals in Long Beach, so we we were the first ones to start offering rentals in Long Beach, CA, Fast forward 2015, we decided to move back home to Hawaii, so we expanded under Aloha Sup Club.

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